Ways members are using home swaps

More and more people are discovering the benefits of home swapping. The majority of home swaps are simply to arrange a wonderful vacation while enjoying free accommodation. However, many members are using home swaps for more than just vacations. Here are 10 different ways members are using home exchanging.

1. Free vacation accommodation! 

Of course, by arranging a home swap you’ll enjoy free accommodation. You can find all sorts of home exchange offers available from luxury home swaps, cottages, city pads and beach villas.

2. Digital Nomads / Freelance workers

Many people running online businesses are location independent and have the freedom to work almost anywhere they have an internet connection. Many such location independent workers are using home swapping to arrange work/travel swaps worldwide, often arranging longer term (3+ month) home swaps.

3. Swap city life for country living 

If you’re considering swapping the city for a life in the country but are not sure it’s the right move – try first arranging a house exchange! What better way to try out an area than by staying in a real home (you may want to arrange a swap during some of the grottiest times of year weather-wise, so that you get a real taste of what a permanent move would be like).

4. Accommodation for special occasions

People use home swapping to attend special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or special birthday celebrations. Swapping homes is a great alternative to a hotel room or staying with relatives.

5. Visiting friends and family 

If you’re visiting friends or family, arranging a home exchange close to where they live can be an ideal option; you get the chance to spend time together but also have your own space. 

6. Family visits to your 'home' country

Many families are separated from loved ones by thousands of miles. As well as wanting children to know their relatives abroad, it's natural to hope that they'll feel a connection to your country too. Arranging home exchanges 'back home' can enable lengthy stays at very little cost.

7. Sabbaticals / overseas work projects

If work commitments mean you need to stay in a destination for a period of time (e.g. a couple of weeks for a particular project or even a year on sabbatical), arranging a home swap is a major money saver.

8. Sporting or cultural events

Many Home Base Holidays members arrange home exchanges to attend international sporting and cultural events. We’ve had members arranging home swaps to visit the Olympics, Wimbledon, The Rugby World Cup, The Ashes, and many many more! 

9. Moving abroad? Try first

Before taking the plunge, why not first arrange a home exchange? As you will be staying in a real home, you will get a much better feel for what life will be like if you do decide to move permanently. As you will not have the worries of hotel costs, you may want to swap for an extended period of time and use this to look at property options if you do decide to immigrate.

10. Learning a new language 

Many Home Base Holidays members seek to immerse themselves in another country in order to learn or improve language skills, and some arrange (for themselves or their children) to attend classes locally.


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