Seniors home exchange

Home swapping is becoming increasingly popular for the 50+ travellers.  Seniors home exchanges are a mutual agreement between two people in which they argree, rather than staying in expensive hotels, to use each others home for a set period of time so that they both enjoy totally free vacation accommodation. 

Seniors home swaps provides a way to make new friends and live like a local in your exchange home - your home from home. It’s a great way to relax and experience different cultures but have all the space and comforts of a real home.

Another great benefit of a seniors home exchange is that it’s an excellent option for visiting family and friends living around the world. It gives you the oppertunity to visit your friends and family but have your own space in your free holiday accommodation. 

People arrange home exchanges from anything from a weekend getaway all the way to a 6+ month exchange. So whatever you're looking for you're sure to find a senior home swap to suit you.


Benefits of a seniors home exchange:

  • Free vacation accommodation in over 90 countries
  • Travel like a local - stay in a real neighbourhood and get travel tips from your exchange partners
  • Meet new people - join our friendly community of like minded travellers
  • Look after plants & pets - agree to look after each others plants and pets while on your swap


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